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The Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor


Have you ever heard the saying ‘Not all safety razors are the same’? Well that statement is very true. All safety razors are different. Some29753935302_4982662d42_o safety razors have long handles, some razors have short handles. Some razors are aggressive and some razors are not. Some razors are closed comb and some are open comb. You also have the butterfly safety razor. The head of the butterfly safety razor splits down the middle and the doors open simultaneously with twisting of the handle. The other option is the standard safety razor head that screws on/off of the handle separating into two pieces. Last but not least, the adjustable razors have several different blade lengths ranging from 1-6 depending on the length and coarseness of your hair. You can make this adjustment by turning a dial on the handle. Like I said, there are many different options to choose from 29753936242_b23f99964b_owhen picking a safety razor.

There is a new type of safety razor on the market that’s starting to turn some heads. Rockwell Razors has reinvented the adjustable razor through a new concept of using different base plates to adjust the aggressiveness of the DE blade. Rockwell razors believes providing the best shave a man can get through the adjustability system of their razors. Rockwell razors provides a customizable and tailored shaving experience that offers a close and comfortable shave every time. I can honestly say that Rockwell razors is definitely worth trying and I’m sure you will be glad that you did.

A Close, Smooth and Comfortable Shave!


After talking with my new friends over at Rockwell razors about their new Rockwell 6S safety razor I waited very patiently for the 6S to arrive in the mail. I remember pulling into my driveway and seeing a box sitting on my porch and I knew just what was inside the box waiting29784761591_ca29d4a001_o for me. The initial impression was good, right away I noticed how nice the packaging was. The razor along with all of the adjustable base plates as well as the stand came in a black cardboard box. The company’s name and description of the razor contained inside of the box was printed on top of the lid in white lettering that was easy to read. The box was lined with a thick foam insert that kept all of the product safe during transportation. The packaging was simple yet classy. Their product packaging says right away, hello we love our products and we want you to love our products too. I knew as 29784763001_218c8955dd_oI was unboxing my new Rockwell 6S razor and its counterparts that I was going to love it before I even used it, and boy was I right!

The big difference between the Rockwell 6S Adjustable Razor and other adjustable razors lies with the adjustable plates that the Rockwell 6S uses.  A traditional adjustable safety razor has a numbered dial on the handle for adjusting the blade to its desired length. The Rockwell 6S uses a flippable base plate system to achieve the desired aggressiveness that’s customizable to the coarseness of hair and sensitivity of your skin. The razor comes with 3 reversible base plates with sizing 1-6. Base plate29832407136_f5343d4942_o A: sizes 1 and 3, Base plate B: sizes 2 and 4, Base plate C: sizes 5 and 6. With six different blade settings you are sure to find your magic number for a great shave. So what do the numbers represent? The numbers represent how much of the blade is exposed to the skin. The number one is least aggressive and is for men with fine hair, short stubble or sensitive skin. The number six is the most aggressive setting for men with coarse and curly facial hair, longer stubble, or rugged skin. The  numbers two through five are for all those in between. What number works best for you depends on skin integrity and 29240183534_f4663a06ea_osensitivity as well as what kind of facial hair you have. It really is a customizable shave all the way. You may have to shave a few times on each number to see which one works best for you.

If you are wondering how you know if you’re using the right number, the way you tell is easy. If you want to try setting six then the side of the base plate that’s stamped with the number six should be facing out. After shaving a few times on each number I decided that my favorite number to get the best head shave as well as face shave was the number six which is the most aggressive setting on the Rockwell 6S safety razor. Although I’m unsure of the actual weight of the 6S I do know that it has some heft to it making each29241105683_a63c7d798c_o stroke nice and fluid. The handle of the 6S has a nice knurling making it easy to hold on to. It doesn’t slip out of your hand while shaving so its pretty easy to navigate around the contours of your face and head. Like I previously stated,  I used the Rockweel 6S for a couple of times on different settings before I decided that setting number six was my favorite.

I used the Rockwell 6S for seven consecutive head and face shaves. I shaved with the grain (WTG) and against the grain (ATG) on my head with multiple angles. 29753928152_8c81f33281_oThe heftiness of the razor added enough pressure across my skin making each shave smooth and comforting. I also received along with the Rockwell 6S a package of 100 count Rockwell Razors Swedish stainless steel razor blades. The Rockwell double edge razor blades provide a comforting shave. These blades are medium aggressive and provide several shaves per blade. Usually as a blade gets used more and it starts to dull and the performance of the blade starts to suffer as well. That’s simply not the case with the Rockwell double edge razor blades, it seems like the performance of the blades improves after each shave. The blade still starts to dull but each 29240198184_4e205e2a83_oshave seems to get smoother. I’m now a big fan of the Rockwell double edge razor blades and plan on using them often through out the next year. Last but not least I also received the all stainless steel razor stand that fits the Rockwell 6S perfectly. This stainless steel stand is pretty heavy and is designed to hold the Rockwell 6S in an upright position. This stainless steel stand has the same brushed finish as the Rockwell 6S safety razor does. If you’re looking for a great razor that provides a great shave than look no further than the Rockwell 6S safety razor. You’re going to love the razor and love the shave even more.

Final Thoughts


So what are my final thoughts on the Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor? A classic razor with a new concept. The Rockwell 6S changes the adjustability component of a turnable dial to flippable base plates. Each base plate has a different number on each side. The numbered side of the base plate that you want for shaving should be facing outward. The Rockwell 6S comes with 3 base plates and each side is numbered differently. Base plate A: sizes 1 and 3, Base plate B: sizes 2 and 4, Base plate C: sizes 5 and 6. What 29240197304_527beba03a_onumber works best for you is solely depending on what kind of shave you want. The number six was and still is my favorite number for shaving. The number six provided a head and face shave that was both aggressive and smooth. It took two passes with some touch ups to achieve the baby butt smooth end feel after each shave. The Rockwell double edge razor blades are a quality blade that goes the distance. I used one blade for 7 days of shaving booth my head and face. The blade still started to dull but still provided a close shave. The all stainless steel stand that came with the razor has the same brushed finish and keeps the Rockwell 6S standing upright after each shave until your ready for the next shave. The Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor, Rockwell double edge razor blades and all stainless steel stand are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.


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